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Our data is based on the most advanced medical researches, thus creating a technology for the best period tracker app

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Selin is the first menstrual cycle and period tracker app created not only for women, but for men too! You will be able to learn about the preferable fertile days for intimacy, track menstruation cycle of your girlfriend (or girlfriends), learn about your wife’s ovulation, etc.

Track period and ovulation

Do not let female hormones derail your schedule! Selin will be able to help everyone become a little more organized thanks to a convenient calendar and a notification system that will keep you updated on all important events.

Note important symptoms

Thanks to an extensive set of options, you can note all the details of female behavior and physiology, whether it be mood, sexual activity, discharge, hormonal changes, period pain, etc. You can even make your own notes!

Unique features

What makes our ovulation tracker special

No matter how many partners you have, with Selin it will be incredibly easy to follow them all, which will save your time and allow you to always be in the right place at the right time.
Thanks to our mobile app, you can closely monitor all physiological symptoms and significantly streamline your intimate life. PMS symptoms, late period, ovulation days – find it out in advance!
This application will allow men to show more care and not forget important dates, women to never fall out of the rhythm of life, and young girls to embrace adulthood more easily.
Collect all your data: addresses, contacts, as well as your loved ones tastes.
We guarantee complete data security. With Selin you may rest assured there will be no confidential information leak.
Keep all the information you need at hand. All important data is stored securely on our servers, where only you can access it.


Thousands of users from around the globe are now happy users of Selin


Convenience and accessibility make Selin the best period tracking application.


female calendar in the world by active audience

70 thousand

active users per month

200 thousand

app installations

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some of the most common questions regarding app functionality and our company’s policy

Our application aggregates multiple parameters to determine the most favorable days for conception.

As you may already know, the day of ovulation and the five days preceding it are the most suitable period for ovum fertilization – that is because the sperm remains viable inside female body for as long as five days after sexual intercourse.

A 100% accurate ovulation day prediction is possible only with clinical equipment and the use of ultrasound. Nevertheless, by collecting and organizing information, the Selin application can determine ovulation days with a high chance of accuracy.

The application monitors the fertile window. Keep track of the highlighted dates in the calendar, which indicate favorable period for conception. Naturally, the day of ovulation is the most favorable one.

By regularly including additional parameters, you can make the forecasts even more accurate.

Even if conceiving a child is not part of your plans, observing the menstrual cycle can provide invaluable data that will help you, for example, to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, or keep track of the symptoms for greater awareness of your health.

All the information that you provide us is stored on reliable remote servers, where no one can access it but you.

We use the most advanced up to date encryption methods to keep your data safe. Thanks to one-way password encryption using the HTTPS protocol, the data between your phone and our server is completely safe from third parties.

For more detailed information about your data safety, you can visit the “Privacy Policy” page.

You have the opportunity to change it directly in the application. Just go to the “Settings” tab if you want to change personal data, or go to a specific contact if you want to change contact details.

After deleting your account, all the data you’ve entered is automatically permanently deleted from our servers. If you are unsure about the further use of Selin, we strongly recommend that you make a backup copy of all important data before deletion.

It can be easily recovered. You just need to click “Forgot your password?” on the application start page. Upon entering your Email, you will receive a letter to your mailbox, allowing you to restore the password.

Please note that while recovering password you will need to enter the exact email address that you used during your registration.

Selin is an application that allows you to keep track of the menstrual cycle, as well as save important notes that are directly related to women’s health and well-being. In simple terms, through submitting the data, you can learn about the approach of critical days or ovulation, both by monitoring the calendar and using notifications.

When you add a contact, several fields are displayed. Not all of them are required, but they will help you to remember important information.

By clicking on a specific date in the calendar, you can specify the symptoms typical of that date, such as mood, sexual intercourse or lack thereof, various physiological symptoms (pain, sleep disturbance, nausea, vaginal discharge, etc.), as well as take your own notes.

add note, calendar

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