How Selin works

Our data is based on the most advanced medical researches, thus creating a technology for the best period tracker app

Support your loved ones

Selin is the first menstrual cycle and period tracker app created not only for women, but for men too! You will be able to learn about the preferable fertile days for intimacy, track menstruation cycle of your girlfriend (or girlfriends), learn about your wife’s ovulation, etc.

Track period and ovulation

Do not let female hormones derail your schedule! Selin will be able to help everyone become a little more organized thanks to a convenient calendar and a notification system that will keep you updated on all important events.

Note important symptoms

Thanks to an extensive set of options, you can note all the details of female behavior and physiology, whether it be mood, sexual activity, discharge, hormonal changes, period pain, etc. You can even make your own notes!