Unique features

What makes our ovulation tracker special

No matter how many partners you have, with Selin it will be incredibly easy to follow them all, which will save your time and allow you to always be in the right place at the right time.
Thanks to our mobile app, you can closely monitor all physiological symptoms and significantly streamline your intimate life. PMS symptoms, late period, ovulation days – find it out in advance!
This application will allow men to show more care and not forget important dates, women to never fall out of the rhythm of life, and young girls to embrace adulthood more easily.
Collect all your data: addresses, contacts, as well as your loved ones tastes.
We guarantee complete data security. With Selin you may rest assured there will be no confidential information leak.
Keep all the information you need at hand. All important data is stored securely on our servers, where only you can access it.