What a good gynecologist will never do at an appointment

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Every woman has the right to have a reliable, trustworthy doctor. That goes double for a gynecologist, mostly due to the intimate nature of procedures women go through. Nowadays, however, not all doctors are distinguished by a high level of professional ethics, just as not every doctor puts patient’s comfort above all.

Today we talk about what exactly no good doctor should ever do in his office.

Let’s go through the main qualities that distinguish a professional from an amateur.

So, a good gynecologist:

  • Does not condemn or shame you
    The doctor’s task is to examine and formulate a diagnosis. Your personal life does not concern him in anyway. So questions about your social status or the lack of permanent sexual partner should tip you off immediately. The doctor cures – preaching is not among his professional duties. Without a doubt, questions directly related to establishing correct diagnosis and further choice of adequate treatment will occur. But do not let the doctor cross the line between professional and personal spheres.
  • Will not condescend to you
    You and your gynecologist should remain on equal footing. After outlining the situation as accurately as possible, a professional gynecologist is obliged to inquire about your opinion. If he allows himself liberties in communication, overly familiar tone or criticism of any kind – do not hesitate to walk
  • Leaves religion outside the hospital doors
    Even if he is a zealous Christian, remarks about “abortion is a sin” are among the most terrible manifestations of unprofessionalism. His primary task is to provide you with the best possible assistance, regardless of procedure. Same goes for “alternative” treatment methods. Commitment to homeopathy, astrology or anything else that isn’t a part of modern medicine are all clear indications of a charlatan.
  • Explains each treatment step
    For a gynecologist it is unacceptable to take any kind of tests without your consent. He is obliged to keep the patient informed, explain all of his actions and their necessity as clear as possible.

A good gynecologist also:

  • Will never condemn your appearance
    Of course, a gynecologist can advise you to go on a diet if, for example, having excessive weight affects your health negatively. But discussing anything beyond that, whether it be unsual hair color or hairstyle, having piercing or tattoos, is unacceptable.
  • Never breaks privacy
    This includes the transfer of information to someone on the side, both verbally, digitally or in writing, whether it be tests, medical records, etc.
  • Will not teach you
    Yes, this is the notorious “time to give birth”. And vice versa – if you are planning a pregnancy at a fairly mature, if not old age, the gynecologist can warn you of the perils that the child birth at a certain age can involve. But the key word is “warn” – in no case can he demand or command. Your body – your choice.


To sum it up – a good gynecologist should always place your comfort in the first place. You do not need to tolerate any kind of unacceptable behaviour. Any of these things can affect the quality of treatment in one way or another, sooner or later. Remember that there is always an alternative, and for every charlatan there is always a caring and responsible gynecologist who really cares about the well-being of his patients.

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