What’s not allowed in a healthy relationship?

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A healthy relationship is a very complex thing. Conflicts will undoubtedly take place in any kind of long-term relationship. There should always be room for concessions, compromises, apologies and a lot of patience.

However, occasionally you just have to say no. Our newest article is about those situations when you have to draw the line.


Sometimes it is easy to forget that the relationship between a man and a woman is not a race or a competition. Nobody says that there can’t be room for self-improvement. But it is better to apply your zeal to other areas of life – career, hobbies, sports, and let the relationship develop organically.


Unfortunately, there is a type of people who cannot stand out on their own – they need to humiliate others in order to do so. It’s even sadder when it happens in a relationship with a loved one. Ego can occasionally bring out the worst in any of us, but if this happens on a permanent basis, then nothing good will come out of this tendency.

Do you still want to save the relationship in a situation like this? Think about whether there’s anything left to save.


Let’s put away romantic aspects for a moment and get our heads out of the clouds. Any kind of serious relationship takes time, money and effort – moral and sometimes physical. If you constantly find a hard time sharing those resources, then maybe it’s time to contemplate whether you’re with a right person or not.

Cold bed

A harmonic relationship in a couple is unthinkable without sex, whatever one may say. Of course, there are examples of long-term relationships built entirely on the principles of Platonism. However, to call them objectively successful is kinda difficult. Relatives persisting with endless questions like “Where are my grandchildren?” is just the tip of the iceberg. Sexual dissatisfaction leads to frustration, which tends to accumulate over time. One day it may burst out in the way most unexpected. Scandal? Divorce? Or something worse?


Ignoring the problem can lead to only one thing – its growth and intensification of symptoms. Every topic that comes up in a conversation just to immediately end with “I don’t want to talk about this” leaves an unpleasant sour aftertaste, and over time such topics form one big dark clot, capable of putting your relationship at risk. If you don’t want the cracks in your relationship to grow in size, you need to establish contact and open up to a partner as soon as possible, and also be ready to always listen to your soulmate, showing sincere care and understanding.


If you hesitate to turn to your loved one for help, fearing of being rejected, misunderstood or, much worse, ridiculed, how do you think will this relationship be sustainable in the long run?

Violation of personal space

No, we do not contradict ourselves and our previous point “Ignoring”. It’s of utmost importance to distinguish things, understanding of which is vital for sustaining a relationship, and the things everyone holds too personal to share with anyonel. Every person has secrets, and that’s normal. Knowing your partner, you need to apply some intuition in order to understand when you can push through with questions, and when it is better to give some personal space.


You should always keep in mind that a key to a harmonious relationship lies, first of all, in the ability to find the ideal balance between egotism and altruism, or between fulfilling your own desires, and fulfilling the desires of your loved one. The closer you are to the golden mean, the more solid and long running your relationship will be.

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