Check-up 📝 of mandatory examinations for women

Let’s talk about important examinations that every woman should undergo once a year.

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How does lack of sleep 😴 affect our weight?

недостаток сна

Regardless of how trivial it may sound, sleep plays a crucial role in our body’s functioning, and its deprivation can negatively impact well-being and overall health. Let’s delve into how exactly the lack of sleep can influence our weight. What can we do to address this situation?

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Tampons and 🔟 common mistakes in their use

Prefer tampons? Then here are the 🔟 most common mistakes in their use.

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Daily pads: yes👍 or no👎?

When it comes to menstrual hygiene, every woman seeks the most comfortable and reliable option. One of the popular choices is daily pads. It’s time to explore all the pros and cons of this intimate hygiene product.

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Water🥛 Are we drinking enough?

Water and why proper hydration is so important, as well as the symptoms that may indicate that you’re not drinking enough.

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Is alcohol allowed during pregnancy?

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy has long been a subject of controversy, both among  scientists and common folk alike. Obviously, no mother in her right mind will indulge in drunkenness during a period of pregnancy, and putting her pregnancy at risk. However, the notorious “a glass of wine is ok” still causes a lot of controversy and skepticism.

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How simulating an orgasm harms you

Simulating an orgasm, unfortunately, is quite common. For some, it’s an exception for situations when you’re not in a mood, but he simply won’t let you be. For others, this is a new norm. There can be many reasons for this – from a temporary decrease in libido due to hormonal shifts to permanent frigidity.

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Choose food, or what ingredients are best kept apart?

The cuisine, especially the traditional Slavic one, is quite eclectic in nature. But not everyone knows that some ingredients we use to cook are simply incompatible. This is due to the fact that the creators of the dishes were mostly concerned with the palatability of the food, and not the effects it had on the human body.

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